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A Look Back at Bail Bonds

The modern day bail bond brings happiness to people who are financially strapped but have been arrested and want out of jail. Using a bondsman allows the person who has been arrested to pay just 10% of the original bond amount.

Bail bonds were used as far back as in the Old Testament, a fact that so many people do not know.  Joseph offered to pay surety for the release of his brothers.

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We’ve come a long way since Biblical times but what has not changed is the need for bail bonds. A person can go to jail at the worst and most unexpected time. Bail bonds make that experience a little easier to deal with.

A bail bond is a type of surety placed on an individual who has been charged with a crime. The surety ensures the person returns to court on a given date and time. The amount of bail is determined by a judge who uses factors like the type of crime and a person’s criminal history.

People use bail bonding companies more often than not. The money can be paid directly to the court, however, you’ll pay a lot of money. Sure, it is worth your freedom but coming up with the funds is not always simple.

While money paid to a bonding agent is non-refundable, it is considerably cheaper than paying the courts directly, requiring just 10% of the original bond amount. It is much easier to come up with $10,000 instead of $100,000, after all. Plus, bondsmen offer 24/7 bailbonds Vista service when you need it the most.

Bail bondsmen like the experts at Acme Bail Bonds are not legal experts and cannot give legal advice, but they can ensure prompt, affordable release from jail. Bondsman assists people charged with any type of crime.