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Why E-Prescription Software is So Helpful

When you are running a pharmacy, you are always looking at ways to evolve your operations. It is key to ensure you are taking steps to improve efficiency at every turn, or you are going to surrender your clients to the competition. It is especially true if a bigger chain opens a location in your region, as you know people will be tempted to go there.

A smaller pharmacy has to compete in the ways that are possible given your budget. One of the ways you can equal the playing field is to use digital systems. You can use e prescribing software to ensure you are using a secure and efficient process for taking on prescriptions from patients.

e prescribing software

Now you may be wondering how e-prescription software works. It is a legitimate question and one we are going to answer. The goal of such software is to reduce the number of phone calls you have to make each time you are getting a prescription or refill request.

The person who is requesting the prescription is going to provide you with all their information. If you are hooked up to the relevant systems, you will be able to search their name and find the electronic prescription request from the doctor. You can see all the relevant details about the prescription as well.

All of this ensures you are eliminating errors from the process. No more wondering what the doctor wrote, or mixing up the strength of the medication you are prescribing. Everything is entered within the program, and you are not in doubt regarding what the doctor meant to say.

Another way this helps is lowering fraud. It is a lot harder for anyone to fake a prescription or refill request when everything is done digitally. You are not at the mercy of comparing a doctor’s signature to the past prescription requests you got from the same doctor.