Month: March 2021

Big City Janitorial Work

Those who look at this work askew and with ignorance, never fully appreciating it, may have regarded it as menial work. It is anything but. Go back as far as your high school days and see if you can remember. Perhaps you were never that early in the morning. Perhaps you were a reasonably good student and never had to stay late in for detention. But did you play ball? And did you notice just how clean and fresh-smelling your change or cloak rooms were when you togged out for training?

That is the work of your janitor. He was always the first to arrive in the morning, at the crack of dawn, you might even have still been in bed at that cock crow time. And he was often the last to leave. Indeed, he might not have had a college degree, perhaps not even a high school diploma, but the school principal or high school mistress would often regard this gentleman as an important member of the school staff.

Janitorial services in Los Angeles, CA

Do you remember those days? Anyway, back to the present. Janitorial services in Los Angeles, CA is big business. Janitorial services are a responsible business. It is regarded very much as an essential business. In fact, let’s scratch that. Janitorial services work is regarded as an essential service. Companies have been set up for this very purpose. They are licensed and registered and enabled to carry out a service across the city.

Janitors working for companies like these are now highly trained and highly skilled employees. Some of them may have even gone on to set up their own franchised companies. Big city janitorial work is big business. It is a lot more than walking about with a mop, bucket and broom.